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Hale's Ranch- Twin Creek

Elko County

An 1872 survey map lists this place as "Hale's House". The first newspaper article that I found was from the Eureka Sentinel on June 11, 1875. It announced that stock rodeos were planned in the Huntington Valley at the ranches of Andrew Hale and Charley Hale. I've attached that newspaper clipping in the photos section. Small articles continued to appear. Mostly in reference to Charley Hale being a visitor to Elko. In those days, guests coming into town were often reported in the newspaper. The coolest article that I found appeared in the Elko Independent in 1882. The article showed the brands from all of the different stockmen in the area. Brands for Charley Hale's horses and cattle were both included. Those clippings are also attached in the photos section. In 1886, the District No. 3 polling place in "Huntington" was located at "Hale's on Twin Creek". The polling inspectors were "C.H. Hale, T.T. Harris and John Trainor." Elko Independent articles continued to report the cattle purchases and sales that Hale was involved in. These articles all listed Huntington as his home. The last Huntington based article that I found was in 1899. The next article that I found was from 1905. The Eureka Sentinel reported that Charley Hale was at the Lane Ranch in Pine Valley (Eureka County). The Lanes were moving to Alaska and had transferred the property to Hale. A January 1906 article from the Eureka Sentinel listed Hale's new address as Palisade (north end of Pine Valley). An article from the Eureka Sentinel on March 19, 1910 reported on weather-related damage to several ranches in the Pine Valley. The article stated, "It is thought little or no damage was done at the Charley Hale ranch." I don't have any further history on Hale's Twin Creek Ranch.

The road conditions are good through here. The road is dirt, but it is wide and maintained. This is the main road to the Bald Mountain Mine. Buses shuttle employees out here all day, every day. To get the actual ranch, you'll have to take a spur road for about 2/3 mile. The spur is way thinner and bumpier. Not a big deal for a truck though. No four-wheel drive needed. This ranch is abandoned and there aren't any 'No Trespassing' signs. There is at least one old cedar post and barbwire gate that you have to go through. Please leave it as you found it. There are still cattle grazing in this area.

Sources: U.S. Surveyor General's Office- 1872 Survey Map (Surveyors: C.C. Tracy, A.J. Hatch, J.C. Smyles & J.H. Eaton); U.S. Surveyor General's Office- 1907 Survey Map (Surveyors: L.G.B. McDowell); Eureka Sentinel/ Eureka Daily Sentinel (Newspaper); Elko Independent (Newspaper).

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