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Halfway House

Pershing County

Halfway House was a midway point between Lovelock and the camps in the Seven Troughs Mining District. It opened in 1906 or 1907 and operated as a watering and resting spot for the horse drawn wagons. Lovelock was a main supply hub. This route was used to transport passengers and supplies to the Seven Troughs area, which was booming at that time. This stop was used all the way into the 1940's. With the use of gas- powered vehicles, there wasn't much of a for a midway stop on a 30- mile trip. Today, there isn't anything left. You can still see a pasture in the area, as well as some old cedar post fence. I can't say for sure if this fence was actually part of the old Halfway House, or if it was built for another purpose.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: May 2021. The road from Lovelock to the Seven Troughs Mining District is dirt, but it is wide, graded and very smooth. I can't say for sure what it would be like in rainy or snowy conditions.

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