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Lander County

Hilltop was previously known as Marble City, which operated as a small mining operation and a stop for travelers in the 1860’s. Small mining operations took place here during the late 1880’s. In 1906 or 1907, the town of Hilltop sprang up. By 1909, Hilltop was populated by over 200 residents. Hilltop contained a hotel, a school, saloons and stores. A weekly newspaper called the Kimberly News also operated here. By 1918, only about 50 residents remained. The last business in Hilltop moved to Battle Mountain in 1923. Another large production attempt took place for a few years in the 1920’s. In 1931, the post office closed, but about a dozen residents hung on until approximately 1940. Big mines in the area included the Mayesville, Hilltop, Kimberly and Philadelphia West.

Post Office:  Feb 1909 to March 1931.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  Sept. 2016 and June of 2022. The Hilltop Road south of Battle Mountain will take you all through this area. The road is pretty smooth and maintained. We intended to check the whole Hilltop area out more thoroughly in 2022 but started to run out of time.

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