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Nye County

AKA:  Midas;  Ione City

Silver discoveries were made in the Union District and Ione was formed in late 1863. Based on the isolated location of the original camp, it was moved down to a lower area in early 1864. Ione became the first territorial county seat of Nye County in April of 1864. A board of county commissioners was established and located at Ione. By 1864, Ione had 500 to 600 residents. The Nye County News and the Advertiser began publishing newspapers. Businesses included stores, saloons, restaurant, drugstore, meat market, stable and a stage line to Austin. While most mining operations took place outside of Ione, the Pioneer Mill was located in town. The sheriff eventually closed down the mill over legal actions in 1866. The mill had been plagued by lack of profits. By 1867, miners were flooding to Belmont, which became the new Nye County seat that same year. By 1868, the population had declined to less than 200. An attempt at revival occurred in 1868, but the rush to the White Pine District helped kill the interest. This wasn't the only Nevada camp to be hampered by the rush to White Pine. The 1870’s had several ups and downs. In 1882 the name was changed to Midas. A new mill was built here in 1896. By 1898, there were 150 to 200 men working at Ione again. The name was changed back to Ione in 1912. A revival that same year saw 100 residents eventually living in Ione again. This revival was over by 1914. There were also some quicksilver (mercury) operations in the hills outside of Ione in the 1920's and 1930's. Ione has always maintained a few residents. We had a couple beers at the bar there probably 20 years ago. Today, I believe that there are less than 5 people remaining.

There is a lot of private property in Ione, so be careful where and what where you explore.

Post Office:  Sept 2, 1865 to April 8, 1882 (Ione City); April 8, 1882 to January 15, 1903 (Midas); July 16, 1912 to April 30, 1914; December 18, 1918 to April 30, 1959 (Ione).

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  2013, 2016, May of 2018. Ione is way out in the middle of nowhere, but the road has been good every time I've been through. 

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