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Jackpot Mine

Lander County

AKA: Haring Patent; Joe Bradley Lode; Della Lode; Buffalo Shaft; Jackpot Vein; Dudley BX Shaft.

I am unsure of the year that this mine was originally discovered. The main years of operation were from 1905-1911. Gold and silver were primary commodities, with respectable amounts of lead and copper being taken as well. The best year was 1911. 2,300 tons of ore assayed at 3/10 ounce of gold and 29 ounces of silver to the ton. Another 497 tons assayed at 1.12 ounces of gold and 112 ounces of silver to the ton. The mine re-opened again in 1920 for a short time. The Austin Silver Mining Company concentrated on this mine in 1936 and 1937. The mine consists of two vertical shafts. The Buffalo Shaft is 200 feet deep. The Jackpot Shaft was sunk to 400 feet in 1911. This mine is considered one of the few mines in the Austin area where gold was a primary commodity. The richest assay that came from this mine contained 2.48 ounces of gold and 365 ounces of silver to the ton.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: June 2022. We were on a side-by-side and I didn't really assess the roads for truck travel. I don't recall the road being too bad to this point, but you will have to do your own assessment.

Sources: USGS MRDS Reports- 10045214 Jackpot Mine; 10198313 Jackpot Vein.

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