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Lincoln County

AKA:  Royal City                 

This area was previously included in the Bristol mining district. Silver discoveries were made here in 1876 by Isaac Garrison and others. Within a short time, a camp named Royal City was formed. The Jackrabbit mining district would also be formed. The camp contained the normal mining camp businesses of that era. To include a boardinghouse, blacksmith, store, saloon and restaurant. The main producing mine of the area was the Day mine, also called the Jackrabbit mine. Ore was shipped to the other side of the mountain range at Bristol, or to Pioche, for milling. In 1890, a narrow gauge railroad was started between Pioche and Jackrabbit. It was completed in 1891. Production at Jackrabbit had been slowing, and this helped production for the next couple of years. The railroad took the name Jackrabbit and Royal City was dropped. In the early 1890's, the mines ceased operation. Revivals occurred at Jackrabbit for small periods in the early 1900's. During those periods, Jackrabbit became an important point again, as a midway point for the Bristol mines, via tramway over the mountain.

The tramway mentioned above is an awesome relic. It is also very fascinating to think about how resilient and hard working the men of that era were. Hauling lumber and equipment of that weight and magnitude over the entire mountain range and getting that tramway build, with no modern convenience. Very impressive. 

Post Office:  October 15, 1878 to January 26, 1879

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  September 2013.  This was a standard Nevada dirt road leading up into the pinion and cedar. I do not remember needing four-wheel drive. 

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