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Nye County

AKA:  Florence,  Rattlesnake

Keystone formed in 1868. It was eventually home to over 50 residents and had two saloons. This was very short lived. In 1881, a new district was formed and several mines were being worked. This faded by 1885. Mining again boomed in 1910 and the old mill was used to treat ore from area mining operations. A rich silver strike occurred in the Keystone mine. An official post office opened at Keystone in 1912 and remained open until 1927. From there, Keystone became a ghost town. Several operations have taken place at Keystone since, dating all the way up to 1990. The Tybo Dominion Mines Company used the mill at Keystone in the 1930’s. Prominent old mines in the area include the Dominion, Louisa, Buccaneer, Florence, Sedan, Oliver Twist, Krotons, Buckeye, San Francisco and California.

Post Office:  January 26, 1912 to March 12, 1927

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  August 2015. While way out in the middle of nowhere, the dirt road was a typical Nevada desert road. I never needed four-wheel drive. As always, I disclaim that these backroads are always subject to change.

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