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Lander County

AKA:  Morgan;  Summit

Gold and silver were discovered in the canyon in 1863. By 1864, the townsite was laid out. Water powered mills were also built in the area. By 1866, the population was estimated at 125. However, the mines were already playing out. By 1869, the Big Smoky Mill was dismantled and sent to the boom in the White Pine District. The first revival occurred in approx. 1881 and the town was renamed Morgan. The school operated between 1885 and 1923. The final Kingston revival occurred between 1906 & 1911.

Today, the very small town of Kingston sits mostly below the mouth of the canyon. The ruins of old Kingston sit a little farther up. As you travel up the canyon, look very closely. You can still see the remains of the ghost town of Bunker Hill as well. But you do have to look closely. The last two photos are from a disposable camera taken some time in the very early 2000's. The others are from 2014.

Post Office:  January 11, 1865 to May 12, 1865; June 11, 1867 to December 26, 1867 (as Kingston); November 23, 1881 to February 2, 1885 (as Morgan); February 2, 1885 to April 15, 1886; July 11, 1906 to January 31, 1907 (as Kingston)

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  I've been here many times. The last was October 2017. The road is good to the Kingston ruins. The road gets rougher as you go up the canyon, but I've never needed four-wheel drive that I can remember. Going down the other side to Big Creek (Canyon City) is very steep. I've also never done this in the winter. I would bet that the snow gets really deep through this canyon.

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