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Kinkead Siding

Mineral County

AKA: Kinkaid; Kinkaid Mill; Kinkade Mill; Kincaid Mill; Kinkead Mill

Kinkead Siding was a stop on the Carson & Colorado narrow gauge railroad. The C&C was established in 1880. By 1882, they had built several stops throughout Nevada. A Carson & Colorado Timetable reads the following: "Carson and Colorado Railroad. Time Table No. 7. To take effect on Sunday, January 1st, 1882, at 7:45 A.M." It goes on to list the different arrival and departure times from their stations. "Kinkead" is listed as one of those stations. The trains that would travel to and from Kinkead and the different stops were the "Bodie and Candelaria" and the "San Francisco & Virginia". Kinkead served as a supply and shipping hub for mines in the surrounding area. The Ashby Gold Mine sat 11 miles by road directly south of Kinkead siding. As of 1933, Ashby ore was averaging $25 per ton. It cost the Ashby $1.75 a ton to get the ore to Kinkead. The Kinkead Mill was also built near the siding. Per a really good Nevada website called nvexpeditions: "Mining in the surrounding Fitting district by the Nevada Ore and Copper Company in the 1910s prompted construction of a 50-ton cyanide mill at Kinkaid, built sometime between April 1916 and 1923. In 1926, the Company was reorganized and became the Fick Mining Company, controlled by H.J. Fick. In 1936, the mill was rehabbed by J.R. Parker and associates to retreat the tailings nearby. In later years, the location may have been used for barite crushing and screening." I found a few references to the NVEXPEDITIONS info in the book "Mines of Churchill and Mineral Counties" by William O. Vanderburg.

Road conditions are as follows. About 12 miles due east of Hawthorne on the north side of the Highway 95. It may still be private property, so don't trespass if it is. But you can still stop and look from a small distance.

Sources: Historical 1882 Carson and Colorado Railroad Schedule (Time Table No. 7); USGS MRDS Reports- 10045459 Ashby Gold Mine; 10246653 Ashby Mine & Mill; 10222706 Kinkead Mill; nvexpeditions (website).

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