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Lamoille Creek Relics

Elko County

These relics are located on Lamoille Creek up in the canyon. I'm not able to definitively say what these relics are. I would bet that they belonged to the power plant. In Shawn Hall's Elko book, he speaks about the Lamoille flume and power plant built in the canyon in 1912. He stated that the W.T. Company from Elko first surveyed the area in 1903. The plan was sold to businessmen from Elko who eventually formed the Elko-Lamoille Power Company. You can still drive through Elko and see the abandoned brick building that belonged to the Elko-Lamoille Power Company. Hall stated that the power lines were first run to Elko in 1913 and to Lamoille in 1914. The flume ran 3 miles down the canyon. It started at a cabin belonging to a man named Pete Arcimes, who was the water master. The plant operated for decades until there was more demand than supply. It burned down in 1971. The Forest Service eventually removed all of these buildings.

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