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Log Spring/ Tule Summit

Esmeralda County

There isn't much that I could find written about this specific area. If you head west from Gold Point across the desert, you will eventually go back up into the trees. It will take you west/northwest over Tule Summit and let you out at the Pigeon Spring Mill. The photos below were taken over seven miles on this road. Tule Summit sits almost dead center in the middle of these relics. There were some mines and old cabins. The most interesting part is the spring where the pond has formed. Someone released goldfish. They can't be native, but they have multiplied. At least they had when we were there. It gets really cold in this part of Nevada too. I have no idea how long ago they were released, or if they're even still alive today.

I'm going to use old USGS mining reports for the "Log Spring Mine", "Log Spring Placer" and "Midway Mining Co. Plant" to add some history for this area. The cabins in the area are clearly not modern.

'Log Spring Placer': Lists alternate names as Huntfort, Little Log Springs, Mohawk and Benton Claims. I couldn't find any USGS reports under those names. Excerpts: "9 claims and a fraction covering 190 acres at the base of Uncle Sam Mountain, 5 miles from the California state line. (It is assumed that this is in the vicinity of Log Spring named on the topo sheet.) ; Info from Land. St :(1972)"..... "Test runs yielded $2.30-$4.20/CU. YP. of gravel in 1913." The report further lists this location as being part of the Sylvania (Green Mountain) District and the primary commodity as gold.

'Log Spring Mine': You don't see this often, but this was a "Talc- Soapstone" mine. The discovery year is listed as 1940 by "W.E. Mac Boyle and M.D. Mac Boyle". It lists it as still being active and operating in 1972 by William Sutton.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: 2013. I remember the dirt road going through as being pretty good. I have some photos of the road and they appear as if it might be graded.

Sources: USGS MRDS Reports- 10104113 Log Spring Mine; 10295071 Log Spring Mine; 10046855 Log Spring Placer; 10046857 Midway Mining Co. Plant.

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