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Lone Mountain Masonic Cemetery

Carson City

Carson Masonic Lodge #1: The first Masonic Lodge in Nevada opened in Carson City. Prior to statehood in 1864, there was no Grand Lodge in Nevada. All eight Masonic lodges in Nevada that opened prior to 1864, operated under the authority of the Grand Lodge of California. Carson City was populated by many Masons from different parts of the country. They met and discussed the establishment of a lodge in Carson in January of 1862. The earliest known document in existence where their intentions were put to paper, is dated February 13, 1862. This letter sought dispensation from the Grand Lodge of California to open a lodge at Carson. The lodge was originally named Carson Lodge No. 154. This numbering system was based on their date of establishment within the California Masonic system. On February 27th, 1862, a visiting Mason attended Carson Lodge. He was a member of Polar Star Lodge 99 in St. Louis, Missouri. His name was Samuel Clemens. Later known as Mark Twain. See the photographs of the lodge register from that day in the photo section. Twain would spend time in Aurora and Unionville before eventually settling in Virginia City. Twain got his start in writing at the Territorial Enterprise in Virginia City. After statehood, the Nevada lodges held a meeting in January of 1865. On January 17th, they surrendered their California Charters and organized under the Grand Lodge of Nevada. Carson Lodge No. 154 (California) was renamed Carson Lodge No. 1 (Nevada). This lodge has met continuously ever since.

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