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Manhattan- Mustang Mine

Nye County

AKA: Broncho Mine; Thanksgiving Mine; War Eagle Mill... These are not necessarily aliases for the same operation, but rather for several operations that took place within the same proximity of each other. I will provide details for each of these operations from USGS reports.

Broncho Mine: Located on Mustang Hill. The primary commodity was gold, with Flourine-Flourite being tertiary. Some production was done in 1908 and 1909. The USGS report states "The mine is on the same fault as the Mustang and Thanksgiving workings."

Mustang Mine: AKA: (1922-Midas Group): Located on Mustang Hill. The primary commodity was gold, with silver being tertiary. The Mustang Mine was discovered in 1905. In 1951, the owners were Mark Bradshaw and Emmet Yates. The USGS reports state "Surface trenches produced $10,000. The principal pipe produced $40,000. Possible production of 500-1,000 tons of ore from a small inclined stope." "Workings consist of the 275 ft Mustang shaft with three levels, large trenches, and gopher-like underground workings. Workings connect with those of the Thanksgiving Mine. Also a large open cut near the top of the hill has been mined." "War Eagle cyanide mill stands on Mustang ground. The shaft was retimbered by Reliance Mining Company in about 1937; and again by the Jefferson Lake Sulphur Company in 1946." "Improvements on the Mustang claim include the War Eagle cyanide mill. The War Eagle stamp mill resides at the local museum in Tonopah, NV (1992). Located as Mustang Mine in 1905; Relocated as Midas Group in 1922. Mustang shaft drifts connect with the workings on the Thanksgiving claim. Operated by the Reliance Mining Company in 1937."

Thanksgiving Mine: Located on Mustang Hill. The primary commodity was gold. The mine was first discovered in 1906. The USGS Report states "Workings consist of a 450 ft 65-70 degree incline shaft, and an 80 ft shaft." "Work on the Thanksgiving vein began about 1910 and a shaft was sunk and then abandoned soon after. In 1937, Reliance Mining Company unwatered and sampled workings and connected the 200-foot level with the Mustang shaft. In 1946, the Jefferson Lake Sulphur Company unwatered shaft again and sampled workings." *NOTE* This mine also appears to have connected with the Little Grey vein and the Manhattan Mine located to the south/ southeast.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I've been here many times. The last time that I photographed this area was in 2016. This area sits on the north side of the good road leading into Manhattan. Outside of bad weather, this area can be driven to in pretty much any vehicle.

Sources: USGS MRDS Reports- 10044286 Broncho Mine; 10125329 Broncho Mine; 10044294 Mustang Mine; 10174031 Mustang Mine; 10044300 Thanksgiving Mine.

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