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McCann Station

Nye County

McCann Station was originally a stage stop on the Belmont-Tybo-Eureka stage line. The main use of this station occurred during the 1870’s. Members of the McCann family also operated a cattle ranch in the area. Cattle grazing is still present here. While deer hunting here in 2012, we met two brothers who were still raising cattle in the area. In 1921, Barney McCann was shot and killed at the Hunts Canyon Ranch to the west of here by a ranch hand named Robert Hughes. Hughes was eventually committed to a mental asylum. Barney was the son of Bernard and Grace McCann. Barney and the rest of the McCann children were born in the area and raised at McCann Station.

In 2012, we tried to take a backroad from Belmont to McCann. The road originated to the north of Belmont. This was one of the scarier backroads I’ve ever been on. We were in a full-sized Dodge. Once we started, there was no turning around. With quads or a rig more suited for this type of road, it may have been fine. But I would highly recommend that you NOT take your full-size truck on this road. 

Post Office:  None.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  Repeatedly. Last time was October of 2020. The road over McCann is good but can get bumpy if the road hasn’t been graded. I've never needed 4WD on the MAIN road over McCann. Be careful if it has been snowing.

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