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Miller's Point/ Cathedral Gorge

Lincoln County

A woman from Bullionville began to notice the beauty of this area in the very early 1890's. She was known as either Mrs. Earl Godbe or Mrs. W.S. Godbe. The Godbe family was known for their Utah mining ventures in camps like Frisco. They would also become a prominent mining and milling family in Pioche and Bullionville from the 1880's forward. They build the Pioche Consolidated Mill (Godbe Mill) in 1891. See the page for the Pioche Consolidated Mill. The landscape of this area reminded Mrs. Godbe of European cathedrals. Therefore, she suggested the name of Cathedral Gulch. The name was eventually amended or changed to Cathedral Gorge. In 1911, two boys from Panaca named Elbert and Nephi Edwards began thoroughly exploring the area. They created a system of ladders through the crags and the caves. In the 1920's, the Edwards family led the movement to turn this area into a state park. It was designated as a state park by Governor Scrugham in 1926. The Nevada Legislature made it official in 1935. The area where most of my photographs were taken, is known as Miller's Point. It received this name from members of the Union Pacific Masonic Club on February 22, 1935. The area was dedicated as such by St. John's Masonic Lodge #18 of Pioche on August 18, 1935.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: September 2013 and May 2021. The road to Miller's Point is paved.

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