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Eureka County

Mineral functioned as a stop on the Eureka and Palisade rail line in the early 1870's. Mineral was a drop off point for freight intended for Mineral Hill, which was located a few miles east of here in the foothills. See the page for Mineral Hill. A railroad depot was built at Mineral. The camp also included a saloon and restaurant. According to Hall's Eureka/ Lander/ White Pine book, travelers passing through were served "heaping portions". It was said to be the only place that a traveler could get a meal between Eureka and Palisade. By the mid 1870's, there were only a handful of residents left. You have likely driven right past this spot while traveling between Carlin and Eureka on Highway 278. I've personally driven past it probably two hundred times for work. You won't see anything as you pass by. But if you locate the spot and stop to look around, you can still find building bricks, wood planks, pieces of broken dishware, purple glass, etc. If you are looking for impressive, Rhyolite style ruins, this place serves as the opposite of that. If you are like me and simply want to stand at historic locations, regardless of the relics, it's worth a stop. The photographs are from 2016.

Post Office: None

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