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Nye County

A group of prospectors from the Austin area first discovered good ore here in 1865. Although discoveries were good, the camp did not form until 1869. The post office opened in 1872. A mill was erected in the early 1870’s but due to litigation, it closed. Ore was sent to Belmont and Tybo for processing. By 1874, Morey had stores, a blacksmith, a boardinghouse, a stage line and was home to almost 100 residents. By 1875 Morey was on the decline. Revivals occurred in 1885 and lasted through 1905. During the 1880’s, the population was believed to be approximately 30 residents. Several revivals occurred during the 1900’s. The post office closed in 1905 and the last known unsuccessful revival took place in 1934. In the 1950’s, an underground nuclear test was conducted in the area. The effects of the blast caused major damage to many of the remaining buildings.

Post Office:  Nov 1872 to April 1905

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  July 2017. There are a couple of different routes in. There is a small road leading north from Project Faultless that was absolutely horrible. Also, there is a middle road that was completely washed out right at the connection to the main road. The reason that I mention this, was because we went in a different way and did not find this out until we came all the way back down. There is a little bypass that was made for this. It's visible on google earth. Just pick your route carefully. Also, regardless of which of those roads you pick, they all pretty much lead to that last little uphill jog into where the relics are. That little jog is not very good at all. If you see it and don't like the looks of it, it's an easy hike into the relics from that point.

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