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Eureka County

AKA: Nevins

Nevin was a small mining camp that formed in 1906. The population never reached more than about 15 residents. A post office opened in late 1906 and closed by mid 1907. I have traveled the Grass Valley Road from I-80 to Highway 50 (to and from) on three occasions. The total distance is 103 miles. On all three trips, I have looked for indications that a camp was ever here. I haven't been able to find any. Today, there is a ranching operation in the area.

Post Office: (Nevins) October 31, 1906 to May 18, 1907.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: November 2014; September 2016; June 2022. Once you get past Crescent Valley and the modern Cortez mine, the road turns to dirt. It is a well graded dirt road, but you are a long way out in the middle of nowhere. The only human life for this 75-mile stretch south of the Cortez mine are a few cattle ranches.

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