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New Pass Station

Churchill County

New Pass Station was built in 1861 as part of John Butterfield's Overland Mail & Stage Company. This station was one stop in series of stations operated along this route. The route also included Cold Springs Station to the west. See the page for Cold Springs Station. The route connected Salt Lake City, Utah to the east, with Genoa, Nevada to the west. Although there was a spring located here, it wasn't suitable for humans and animals. A support ranch was built a mile to the west of here by Division Superintendent Thomas Plain. It was used to assist in watering and stock rotation. John Butterfield owned the line from 1861 to 1866. Wells Fargo purchased the line and operated it from 1866 to 1869. By 1869, the railroad line was completed through here, making these stage stations obsolete. After the station closed, it was still used by travelers coming through the area. Most likely for sheltering and overnight purposes.

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