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New York Mine

Storey County

The history of this mine has been harder to research. The Comstock books that I have don't provide very much. USGS is also pretty vague on this mine. The book 'The Roar and the Silence' had a unique piece of information. On April 19th, 1879, the New York Mine hosted a dance at the 1,040- foot level of the mine. About a hundred people attended. It was a full party with music, dancing and food. The chamber that the dance was held in was 36 X 14 feet wide and 36 feet high. USGS does state that the primary commodity was gold. USGS also states that 28,000 tons of gold ore averaging $10 per ton were taken from this mine. I would assume that $10 per ton is based on the value of that era. USGS usually lists the value of the day, not the current value.

New York Mine- Mining Deaths- (1863 through 1882):
1874: T. Bauchet- December 20.
1875: J.J. Jones-January 29.
1877: John Jones- December 15. (Not a misprint that John Jones followed J.J. Jones).
1879: John Kennedy- Accident on May 1. Died July 12.

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