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North Fork

Elko County

North Fork sits right in the heart of the huge Northern Nevada cattle country. As you may or may not know, Elko County is consistently one of the top 10 beef cattle producing counties in the entire country. The name "Buckaroo" is what they call the cowboys of the Great Basin. Northern Nevada is the heart of the Great Basin and the heart of Buckaroo country.

Settlers came to the area in approximately 1870 and a stage station was operated by the Johnson family. Ranch families made up a large portion of the area population. Local businesses included a saloon, store, hotel, stage station and eventually a school. Between 1889 and 1910, population estimates range near 75 residents. According to Shawn Hall, the population was estimated at 122 residents in 1900. Stage lines included stops here for the Elko-Tuscarora line and the Elko- Mountain City line. Ranching remains a prominent industry here today, including the massive PX Ranch which was once owned by Bing Crosby.

Post Office: Jan 1889 to June 1944.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: Repeatedly. Photographed in February of 2016. Right off the side of the road about 50 miles north of Elko and south of Mountain City. It can be snowy and icy in the winter.

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