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Nye Mine

Nye County

AKA: Hubert's Cabin: Meyer Property

There are three parts to what I'm calling Nye Mine. As you travel up the canyon, you'll see the remnants of what looks like a very small mill. As you reach the relics, there is a very old stone cabin that appears to be from a much earlier period. Up on the hill is where the Nye Mine sits. What they call Hubert's Cabin sits right next to the mine. There isn't much written about this area. I'm going to use the USGS Mine Reports, as well as the stories from a man who was born and raised in Railroad Valley. He lives on the adjoining property of the guy who helps me with this website. Adjoining property in the Railroad Valley means almost a mile away. He sat with us by the campfire for a couple nights and told stories of the old days in the Railroad Valley. He said that Hubert lived in this cabin in more modern times. Meaning into the latter half of the 20th century. Hubert was supposedly a very hard drinker. The hundreds of empty alcohol bottles on the hillside opposite from his cabin is evidence of that. Hubert would ride a burro or mule into Currant. He would obtain supplies, drink heavily and ride back home. Just so it's noted, that is a very long trip via pack animal, without being drunk. The USGS Reports for Nye Mine state that the first year of production was 1954. Tungsten was the primary commodity. This would coincide with what we were told about the time frame of Hubert living there. USGS states that the owner of the property in 1963 was T.W. Meyer. The mine produced around $60,000. The mine consists of a 60-foot incline shaft and a 300-foot adit... Once upon a time, I know that I found information on the Meyer name in this area. I absolutely can not find it, and I can't remember where I found it. Hopefully I stumble across it again. When I do, I will add it.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: Photographs are from June 2019. I've been here twice. We were in a side-by-side both times. I honestly don't remember the road conditions. I have one photo of the road showing that it is pretty overgrown. I went to a passage from something that I previously wrote about Nye Mine elsewhere: "Once you turn onto the Nye Mine Road, you will travel mainly southeast. The road to Nye Mine (Hubert’s Cabin) is decent with a few rocky, wash board spots. We didn’t find any creek crossings on the portion that we traveled. I would not travel this road in a sedan, but we didn’t find any portions that could not be accessed with a good, full-sized truck or SUV. As with any back road in Nevada, road conditions can change quickly. I would utilize a vehicle that has 4-wheel drive, just in case. The side road up to Hubert’s Cabin is steeper and worse, but nothing that gave the side-by-side any trouble at all."

Sources: USGS MRDS Reports- 10044382 Nye Mine; 10173555 Nye Mine.

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