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Occidental Mine

Storey County

AKA: Brunswick Lode; Monte Cristo Lode; Occidental Lode

According to USGS, the year of discovery was prior to 1866, with the first real production taking place in 1866. Silver and gold were listed as primary commodities. The Occidental vein paralleled the main Comstock Lode about 1.5 miles to the east. USGS Report Quote: "In the 1860's, a 900-foot tunnel was driven in the Occidental claim. A fairly large tonnage of ore was stoped from above this tunnel and from winzes. In 1870 a tunnel 400 feet lower encountered ore, but this lower depth yielded little ore... Total production 1868-1894 was 25,798 tons of ore averaging $17.08 per ton." When the years of 1866 and 1867 are factored in, the total tonnage goes up to over 40,000 tons, with a total production value of over $400,000. This entire mining area was known by the names of the Brunswick, Monte Cristo or Occidental Lodes. This lode was located over a mile east of the Comstock Lode and was believed to have been over 2 miles long. This lode included several other mines as well. It was not just the Occidental. E Clampus Vitus claims that this lode was found in 1863 by the crew of the Occidental Mine. USGS claims only that the Occidental was located prior to 1866. This 1863 information puts a much more specific date on the discovery. According to ECV, it is believed that the name "Brunswick" may "possibly" have been used to honor the "exquisite saloon back bars and billiard tables of that era." Several of the Comstock Lode mines eventually extended into the Brunswick ledge by 1895. The most productive years of the Brunswick Lode were from 1896-1914, with over $2,000,000 being removed.

Occidental Mine- Mining Deaths- (1863 through 1882):
Thomas Opie- July 9.
William M. Solomon & Delaware Sewell- January 1.

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