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Nye County

AKA: Orizaba Mine; Green Metals Mine

Gold and silver discoveries were made by a man named Ed Workman in 1909. Interests in the Orizaba Mine changed hands a couple of times in the first few years. By 1911, prospectors had arrived in the area and began staking claims. 1915 appears to have been a good year for the mine. 1,500 tons of rich ore was discovered. By 1917, the Mines Selection Company had taken control of the Orizaba Mine. Soon, equipment was being moved into Orizaba from other areas. By late 1918, the Orizaba mine was declining. In 1922, another mining company obtained control of the area and attempted to remove water from the mine, which had been a problem in the past. Not much was done here after that, A man named Hubert Welch continued to work this mine until 1949. According to the USGS, Hubert Welch was listed as the owner of the Orizaba Mine in 1949. Silver was the primary commodity at this mine, with gold being secondary. Lead and zinc were also discovered, but with lesser importance. The Orizaba Mine is a 145-foot incline shaft with levels at 65 and 85 feet.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: 2015. It is a non-maintained dirt road into the hills. the road wasn't bad though and we never needed 4WD. As I've stated many times, my vehicle and driving experience may be different than yours. And I can't vouch for modern road conditions.

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