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Eureka County

Prior to becoming a town, the area around Palisade was a thoroughfare for emigrant activity. Palisade was first founded in 1868 as a railroad station for the Central Pacific. The town soon gained importance as a supply hub for mining towns in the area such as Hamilton, Mineral Hill, Eureka and several others. A large fire in 1871 was a major blow to Palisade, but the town did not give in. By 1874, Palisade had a population estimated at 600 residents. The normal businesses were established here. To include stores, saloons and hotels. The Eureka & Palisade Railroad was also established here in 1874, bringing further prominence to Palisade. This period saw religious services and fraternal organizations begin to come to the area. By 1882 a new telegraph line and station were built here. However, by this time, the population had fallen to about 250 residents. Palisade went into decline when the Eureka mines declined in the mid 1880's. Some of the other mining camps allowed Palisade to stay alive, but Eureka had been the main source of business. In 1908, the Western Pacific Railroad built a line through here, but it was wiped out by flash floods in 1910, along with much of the town. After 1915, the population was in steady decline. The Eureka-Nevada Railroad, which had been built through here in 1912, pulled its tracks in 1938. After this time, only a few families remained. The post office shut down in 1961.

Post Office: May 2, 1870 to March 1, 1873 (Lander County); March 1, 1873 to May 26, 1961 (Eureka County)

Fraternal Organizations:

Palisade Masonic Lodge #20. This lodge worked Under Dispensation (U.D.) from June 3, 1876 until it was granted full Charter on June 13, 1877. Palisade was always a small lodge with 21 members being its largest yearly total. The Charter was forfeited in 1886 and it has been extinct ever since.

Palisade Odd Fellows Lodge #26. this lodge was instituted on April 13, 1874. This lodge clearly no longer exists, but I do not know what year it surrendered its status.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I've been to Palisade many times. It's a really good place to explore. The last trip was in 2017. The roads through here have always been okay for me.

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