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Panaca Summit Charcoal Ovens

Lincoln County

These kilns were built at an unknown time in the 1870's. The purpose of these kilns was to produce charcoal for the silver mine smelters at Bullionville and Pioche. There was originally a third kiln located somewhere to the west of these two. I have not personally been there, and I don't know what remains of it. Most of charcoal kilns located near the Nevada mining camps employed Italian and Swiss wood burners known as 'Carbonari'. A couple of prominent events occurred in Nevada regarding troubles with the wood burners. In Tybo, local residents chased Chinese wood burners out of town. In Eureka, a Sheriff's posse killed and wounded several wood burners at Fish Creek over a monetary/ labor dispute with the mine owners. This is still known as the 'Fish Creek Massacre'. The amount of wood required to fill one kiln was massive. These wood burners usually lived near the kilns, rather than in town. 

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  I've only been here once. That was in September of 2013. I honestly do not remember the condition of the roads. However, i was with my wife and small children. If the roads would have been really bad, it's likely that I wouldn't have pressed on, considering who I was with. 

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