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Elko County

From Stanley Paher’s Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps: “After copper mining began two miles west at Rio Tinto in 1932, the Copper King mine was discovered close to the Owyhee River, and Patsville started up near the new operation. Eventually this camp had a drug store, garage, boarding house, café, saloons and a thriving sporting house which served Mountain City and Rio Tinto. Patsville faded in 1947 and now only a cluster of wooden buildings remain.” Many miners actually lived in Patsville during this period of time, with a population estimate around 50. The last business closed here in 1949. When we were there last, there were fresh mountain lion tracks in the snow heading right through the old town.

*Update* Patsville was completely destroyed by the massive 2018 Martin Fire that burned almost 500,000 acres of Humboldt and Elko counties. The fire was caused by careless humans.

Post Office: None.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: Many. The photos are from February of 2016. Patsville sat off the side of Mountain City Highway.

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