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Pearl Camp/ Bartlett Mine

Humboldt County

AKA: Moose Group

In "Mines of Humboldt and Pershing Counties", Vanderburg made a reference to the area being prospected for copper in the early days, but that no production was made. The district dates back to 1870 with the district being organized in 1875. I am unsure of what year Vanderburg meant by the "early days". I am not sure of who originally developed this mine, but it was purchased at a tax sale in 1936 by a man named J.W. Bartlett. At the time of Vanderburg's visit in 1938, he listed the mine as being approximately 3 miles from the Bartlett Ranch. Primary commodities at the mine included gold, silver and copper. The mine consisted of a 65-foot incline shaft and a partially caved adit that was several hundred feet long.

Sources: Mines of Humboldt and Pershing Counties (By: William O. Vanderburg); USGS Reports- 10045038 Bartlett Mine; 10271295 Bartlett Mine.

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