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Pine Valley

Eureka County

This valley was first settled in the 1860's. Many mining operations have taken place in the mountains that surround Pine Valley. But the valley itself is well known for large and beautiful cattle ranches. Some of the mining camps in the mountains outside of here include Mineral Hill, Union and others. The Slagowski's have been ranching in this valley for generations. For those familiar with professional rodeo and ranch rodeo, the Slagowski name is well known. Ira Slagowski still ranches in Pine Valley. He qualified for the National Finals Rodeo as a Saddle Bronc Rider on multiple occasions. Joe Slagowski was a Wilderness Circuit Champion Saddle Bronc Rider. The Slagowski-Martin Team is also a two-time World Champion Ranch Rodeo team. They won the titles in 2002 and 2003. Joe Slagowski also won the 'Top Hand' Award in 2002. As you head north of Garden Pass, to the area south of Palisade, you will see large herds of cattle, vast expanses of green grass and alfalfa, and many cool old ranch buildings. It is one of my favorite rural highways in Nevada.

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