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Pioche Boothill Cemetery

Lincoln County

The legend goes that in Pioche, over 70 people died with their boots on before a single person died of natural causes. I have no idea if that is true or not. I do know that while towns like Tombstone and Dodge City got the attention and fame, Pioche was actually one of the roughest and most violent towns in the old west. The Boot Hill Cemetery has some very interesting inscriptions on some of the gravestones. It's also interesting to see that two different men had Jas. Maxwell listed on their graves as their killer. Clary in 1871 and Whitlock in December of 1872. This cemetery still has the old ore cart tramway in the background.

"John Bass June 26, 1875 Shot by officers 5 times"

"John Clary 1871 Killed by Jas M"

"Samuel Coaklin July 1871 Killed by Sheriff's Posse after he fired on them"

"1844-1873 Morgan Courtney Feared by some Respected by few detested by others Shot in back 5 times from ambush"

"Good Wife Jane Dealand Dec 1873 Froze to death"

"Richard H. Dodd Killed on June 29 1870 By Williams Dodds"

"Baby Fenn 1875 Cholera"

"Harry Gorman Sep 20, 1870 Killed by George Hirsch"

"July 6 1873 John H Lynch Shot during dispute over a dog"

"Black Hawk Mateo Oeamuno Nov 1872 Jail Suicide"

"Fanny Peterson AKAPanama Jack Spanish Courtesan Killed by her lover Lymon P. Fuller Damn Shame"

"Ab Rogers Accidently shot himself May 1870"

"John Sand Sept 18 The Big Fire 1871"

"Tim Sullivan 1877 Stabbed Fine father and husband"

"Shot By A Coward 25 He worked his claim No one even knew his name Pioche Nev"

"Andrew Whitlock Killed by Jas Maxwell Sept 1870"

"Frank Willis Shot by Haggerty Dec 1872"

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