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Quartz Mountain

Nye County

Quartz Mountain got a much later start in comparison to most other Nevada mining camps. Quartz Mountain sits right on the Nye County/ Mineral County line. The first discoveries were made in 1920. Not much was done in the area for several years after that. In 1925, a quality body of silver-lead ore was discovered and a rush to the district ensued. Rumors also circulated that Nevada banker and mining baron George Wingfield would be investing in the area. This also helped bolster the rush. By the spring of 1926, Quartz Mountain was a very active camp with hundreds of residents living in the district. Several buildings were moved into the camp from Rawhide and other nearby mining camps that had died. Freight trucks hauled ore and supplies to and from Fallon. The new boom at Quartz Mountain also helped revive the neighboring Mineral County town of Broken Hills. Many businesses opened, to include saloons, barbershops, grocery stores, general merchandise stores and restaurants. A weekly called the "Quartz Mountain Miner" began publication here in 1926. After 1926, the district was already in decline. Many mining companies that were operating here folded. In 1928, the Quartz Mountain Mines and Milling Company gained control over many of the holdings in the area. A rich new vein called "The Lease" was discovered at the San Rafael mine. This and other workings in the area would produce over $300,000 in ore. By 1930, the rich ore had run out and the company left Quartz Mountain. Not much has occurred in the area since.

Post Office: June 7, 1927 to January 15, 1929.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: April 2013. We made it in my wife's two-wheel drive crossover sedan.

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