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Ruby Valley

Elko County

*NOTE* The wood building from the cover photo is on private property. It's behind a locked gate on the Neff Ranch. My family is pretty close with the Neff's, which is why we were allowed. They have had several instances where less than honorable people have cut locks and gone through clearly posted gates. In reference to that specific building, unless you have permission, No Trespassing.

The pioneer history of the Ruby Valley dates back to at least 1860. While mining operations took place in the surrounding mountains and hills, the Ruby Valley itself has always been known for its large ranching culture. For those of you who are not from the rural west, when you picture what an old-time western ranching community looks like, this is it. Some great rodeo cowboys have come out of the Ruby Valley. To include a saddle bronc rider named Charley Gardner. He comes from a long-time ranch family. He qualified for the National Finals Rodeo on multiple occasions. In 1999, he was the National Finals Rodeo champion. The southern portion of the Ruby Valley sits in White Pine County. See the links for Fort Ruby and the Ruby Valley Pony Express Station on the White Pine County page. I picked photos from the different seasons to show what the area looks like at different times of the year. It's always beautiful.

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