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Sierra Nevada Mine- East Shaft

Storey County

Description coming..... *NOTES* This mine was plagued with non-fatal injuries. It also seemed to go through superintendents very quickly. Several articles speak about the fact that this mine had an endless supply of low-grade ore that if processed cheaply and correctly, could make the mine profitable for a substantial period of time. Newspaper articles researched through 1877.

Sierra Nevada Mine- Mining Deaths- (1863 through 1882): My source: Comstock newspaper archives from that era. The names of the men killed in the Sierra Nevada Mine will be placed on both the East Shaft and the West Shaft pages.

1865: Edward Temby- September 14.
1869: Louis Franci- January 19.
1874: John Evans- September 16.
1875: Nathan Jones- November 3.
1877: John McGillivray (or James McGilvery)- June 10.
1879: Robert Moore- January 8.
1880: Hiram Holman- November 14.
1881: August Svenson- January 6; Jerry Harrington- October 9.

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