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Lander County

AKA: Raleigh

Tenabo was part of the group of early 20th century mining boom towns. This group would be the last in an era where people actually moved and built their camps and towns around where they mined. Gold and silver were discovered in the area in 1906. By 1907, Tenabo was home to approximately 1,000 residents. All of the businesses seen in a booming mining town were found here, to include saloons, restaurants, hotels, assay office and a school. A stage line to Beowawe also ran three times a week. Tenabo began to experience problems in 1911. Ore values dropped off. By 1912, Tenabo was on the decline. Revivals were attempted, to include an unsuccessful run in 1916. Placer mining began in the area around this time, and continued successfully well into the 1930’s. In 1938, Mill Gulch was named the top placer mining producer in Nevada. Recent mining operations have occurred in the region.

Post Office: December 7, 1906 to July 31, 1912.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: Sept. 2016 and July 2022. With the exception of Crescent Valley, Tenabo is a long way from convenience. The two dirt roads that lead into Tenabo are both good. There are now active mining signs up as you drive into Tenabo (July 2022). There are no gates or 'no trespassing' signs though. You can see active mining equipment working in the distance near Gold Quartz. We were going to check out the Gold Quartz area but couldn't because it's now an active mining venture. The first seven photographs are from 2017. The rest are from 2022.

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