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Tonopah Miners Cemetery

Nye County

This was the first cemetery used in Tonopah, starting in the early days of the boom. It is very interesting to walk through this cemetery and read the plaques that are attached to the wooden grave markers. Seeing both the ages and causes of death show a very different time and era. The number of deaths from causes such as Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Consumption and Suicide is staggering. There are many infant babies buried in this cemetery as well. At least a dozen of the 17 victims of the Belmont Mine Fire in 1911 are buried here as well. I have a separate page for that specific incident.

As with many of the other cemeteries on this website, I had to pick which photos to use. There are hundreds of burials in this cemetery and I am trying to limit the photos used on each page to 30 or 35.

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