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Nye County

Discoveries were first made in the Troy area by Alexander Beaty (Beatty) in 1867. The Troy mining district was organized in 1868. By 1871, depending on the source, there were anywhere between 70, to well over 100 people living in Troy. The town contained a boardinghouse, a blacksmith, two stores and a school. Troy declined by 1872 and the mill machinery was moved to Ward in White Pine County. The Troy mine operated further up the canyon from the townsite. The Locke mine sits on the south side of the canyon approximately ¾ of a mile from the townsite via a rough road. Troy had several small revivals, to include one that supported a post office from 1908 to 1913. Small operations have still taken place in the Troy area well into the 20th century. Today, Troy is completely abandoned.

Post Office:  February 18, 1873 to August 7 1876; April 24,1908 to February 28,1913

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  June 2019. The road was so washed out from the heavy winter snowfall and spring runoff, that we almost turned around. And we were in a side by side. The first two photos are of the road that was almost completely gone. I'm going to try and post a video somewhere on this website of the road right below Troy. We were literally driving through a small river for a long distance.

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