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Tunnel Camp

Pershing County

AKA: Tunnel

Tunnel was one of the later camps of the Nevada mining boom. This area was not organized until 1927 when Nevada State Mining Company organized here. They were attempting to revive the mines of the Seven Troughs District. A cyanide mill was built here. Tunnel was a pure company town. A store and a bunkhouse to house the miners were built here. An actual tunnel was cut into the mountain in an attempt to alleviate drainage issues and connect with good ore veins in the old mines. This never did alleviate the drainage problems and costs became too overwhelming. In 1934, this operation ceased. further revivals occurred all the way through the 1950's. There were actual residents still living at Tunnel beyond that time.

Post Office: None.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: May 2021. The road to get here is approximately 26 miles. I would say that maybe half of that is dirt. The road was pretty good for us. There are quite a few relics to see here. If you like seeing full standing buildings, this will be a worthwhile trip.

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