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Tuscarora Museum

Elko County

This building was originally built in 1877 and was occupied at times by the District Recorder's Office and the Silver Brick Saloon. In 1878, a Masonic Lodge was chartered in Tuscarora. In 1884, the Masonic Committee chaired by O.L.C. Fairchild, made an agreement with three other fraternal societies in Tuscarora. These were the Odd Fellows, the Knights of Pythias and the Ancient Order of United Workmen. The four fraternal organizations purchased this building and it was appropriately named "Society Hall". In later years, the Masons purchased the interests of the other three organizations and owned this building exclusively. Female auxiliary organizations of the above mentioned societies also met here. Pythian Sisters (Knights of Pythias) and the Rebekahs (Odd Fellows). After years of population decline, Tuscarora Masonic Lodge was force to Consolidate with Elko Lodge #15, approximately 50 miles away. The building was sold by the Masons in 1958. Today, it stands as a museum representing the history of the area. I have been to Tuscarora on many occasions. I have only once found anyone there, and that was by accident. We were offered a tour and I can honestly say, I was very impressed. There are tons of artifacts from the mining boom days, as well as from the large Chinatown district that Tuscarora had. The original charter of the Masonic Lodge, as well as an early photograph of members of the Odd Fellows lodge are here too. There are many written poster boards giving a very detailed history of the area. To include mining, ranching, fraternal societies and many other topics. 

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