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Nye County

Silver discoveries were originally made in 1866. This discovery was relayed to white miners by a local Indian. The camp was not formed until 1874. Tybo contained many businesses, to include saloons, restaurants, hotels and stores. The Trowbridge store building still stands in Tybo. It is the big red building on the right, towards the back side of town. In 1875, Chinese wood cutters were chased out of Tybo by local residents. The Chinese wood cutters were charging cheaper rates. Tybo had many ups and downs over the next several decades. All major operations had ceased by 1937.

Post Office:  Sept 1874 to July 1906 and Feb 1929 to Oct. 1937

Fraternal Societies:  Odd Fellows Lodge  (I.O.O.F.)  Instituted April 17th, 1877;  Order of Good Templars.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions:  Several. My last trip there was in July 2017. Tybo is a very remote location. The road to Tybo is smooth. If traveling to the charcoal kilns beyond Tybo, I would suggest 4-Wheel Drive. Any travel beyond that on the old Tybo to Belmont stage road to the west, I would highly suggest NOT taking your full- sized rig. I've never taken this road, but I have friends who have. They tell me that this road is tricky enough in a side by side. Be careful !

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