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Utah Mine Camp

Lander County

This mine has been really hard to research. I went to the newspaper archives and couldn't find a single article. I'll keep looking though. The mine sits about 1/2 south of the Utah Mine Camp, which was the location where the employees and their families lived. The only reference to this place that I've found is from Shawn Hall's book on Eureka/Lander/White Pine. He stated that a school was built at Lander (town) in 1889 and operated through 1898. He stated that this school also served the children who were living at the Utah Mine Camp and Mud Springs. The USGS Reports were almost worthless. Silver, gold and copper were all listed as primary commodities, with lead, mercury and zinc being secondary. Their report for the Utah Vista Mine stated "1/2 mile south of Utah Mine Camp." That was literally all that was worth taking from both reports.

See page for Utah Mine. The description is the same, but the photos are different.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: July 2022. It is a good dirt road to the camp and the mine. You will hit the camp first. It is located near a crossroads. It is a long way out in the middle of nowhere, so go prepared. If you don't have an approximate idea of where the camp was, you'll likely drive right past it. The buildings are all collapsed and hidden by high sagebrush. You'll have to get out and actually walk around in the sage to find and see the relics. If you do, it's worth it.

Sources: Romancing Nevada's Past- Ghost Towns and Historic Sites of Eureka, Lander and White Pine Counties (By: Shawn Hall); USGS MRDS Reports- 10222534 Utah Mine; 10044860 Utah-Vista.

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