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Wall Canyon

Nye County

AKA: Last Chance Mine....... I have never seen a mine with this many alternate names listed. There are USGS Reports for the Wall Canyon Mine and the Last Chance Mine. Those two reports are linked to each other. In those two reports, the following alternate names were listed: Silver Divide; Bastian; Herd; Francisco; WC Claims; Great Western Claims; Big Blue; Blue Jacket; Temple-Belmont Group; Red Bluff Mine; Ashby Mine; San Domingo; Woodstock; Copper Queen; Antelope; SB Claims; Copper king; 1891 Mine; Chloride Mine; Last Chance Antimony Mine; Big Horn Claims; Copper Range; HC Group; Mammoth; Big Bonanza; Bullwacker Mine; Copper Rivet; Mary Bennet; B and Me; Comet; Anaconda Mine; Whitby; Calidonia; Dewey Mine; Sandusky Mine; Ante Up; Atwater; Fortuna; Copper Queen Extension; White Cliff; Copper Mountain; Anna Bell; Blue Jay.

There is definitely more written about the alternate names of the mine, than there is about the actual mine. The discovery year of this mine was 1915. Antimony was listed as the primary commodity, with copper, gold and selenium listed as tertiary commodities. The mine is described as follows: "Workings consist of a 180 ft shaft, a 255 ft adit, a 180 ft adit, and several minor pits and adits." In 1965, it was owned by the Hercules Mining Company out of Austin, Nevada. Further development in 1968 exposed some thin veins of ore.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: I went up Wall Canyon many times when I was living in Smoky Valley. The photographs are from April 2016 and July 2017. There are two sections of relics. The road to the lower set is a pretty decent road. People used to cut firewood from the burn near the first relics. The road to the further relics is much thinner and harder to navigate. I also had a standoff with cattle on this section of road. Going beyond the second set of relics isn't advised. My friend went beyond, but I stopped and turned around. I wasn't comfortable with it, even on a quad.

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