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Ward Cemetery

White Pine County

All of the burials here that still have gravestones, are from the 1870's and 1880's. Martin Gleeson was buried in this cemetery in 1877. Gleeson and a man named Jack Roach discovered the Pleiades Mine. they later became involved in a dispute over profits. Roach shot and killed Gleeson. I have not found the research to say whether this act was self-defense or murder. The cemetery sits down below the Ward townsite. There is an old BLM marker here that gives a short history on the area. It claims that 46 people are buried in this cemetery. I only found legible gravestones for seven. There isn't much left of the actual Ward townsite. It's also a long way away from anywhere, unless you live in Ely. The road there wasn't horrible, but it wasn't that great either. Just one of those roads. I didn't need four-wheel drive. My last trip there was in April of 2016. It started snowing on me while I was there, so I cut the trip short.

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