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Ward Charcoal Ovens

White Pine County

Kilns at this site: (6). As of July 2017, all six were fully standing. One looks like the roof may be going.

These six kilns were built in 1876 to support the smelting of ore from the Ward mines. Today, these kilns are a Nevada State Park. Here is an excerpt from the top of their Ward Kilns website:
"Perched in the Egan Mountain Range in eastern Nevada, Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park is a scenic, forested retreat. The park features six beehive shaped charcoal ovens that were used from 1876 through 1879 to help process rich silver ore that was discovered in the area. Once mining ended, the ovens were used to shelter travelers and even had a reputation as a hideout for stagecoach bandits. The ovens remain today and are open for touring. Visitors can also enjoy camping, picnicking, hiking and fishing while surrounded by a diversity of wildlife within the park, including mule deer, grouse and elk."

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: April 2016. The road to the kilns is a dirt road, but it is way better than the road to the actual town of Ward.

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