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Warm Springs

Nye County

The site was first settled in 1866 as a stop for travelers and freighters on their way to other Nevada boom towns. It never did become a big settlement. The location actually got busier in the early 1900's. It remained a relevant location into more modern times. Warm Springs still had opened businesses that served employees of more modern mining operations into the latter part of the 20th century. Today, there are no residents left at Warm Springs. There are many relics left that span many different eras. It also a very good place to stop and Bighorn Sheep watch. Cows from a modern-day cattle operation still graze around the old relics.

Post Office: January 19, 1924 to June 29, 1929

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: The photographs are from a combination of trips from 2015-2019. US6 is a paved, but very rural highway. This specific 170 miles connects Tonopah to Ely. Warm Springs sits 50 miles from Tonopah and 120 miles from Ely. As with most of Nevada, winter weather is always going to be a road and travel factor.

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