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Washoe City Cemetery

Washoe County

I don't know much about this cemetery. Washoe City is one of the older settlements in Nevada, dating back to pre-statehood. It also sits in a beautiful location. The Masons and the Odd Fellows both set up in Washoe City very early. Washoe Lodge #157 (Masons), was given authority to operate Under Dispensation from the Grand Lodge of California in July of 1862. After statehood on October 31, 1864, Washoe Lodge was granted Charter under the new Grand Lodge of Nevada. It then became Washoe Lodge #2. Due to decline in the area, their Charter was surrendered in 1888. Washoe Lodge #8 (Odd Fellows) was instituted here in January of 1864. I am not sure when their charter was surrendered. The grave of Geo Smith is located in this cemetery. He died in 1911 and has the Odd Fellows insignia on his gravestone. The grave of George Haskell in this cemetery dates back to August 22, 1863. That was 14 months before Nevada would become a state. There are quite a few gravestones left in this cemetery that date back to the 1860's.

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