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White Caps Mine

Nye County

AKA: White Caps; White Caps Gold Mine

I am using several different, credible sources here. Hall, Paher and USGS. It seems that they don't totally coincide with each other. Maybe they do and I'm not smart enough to figure it out. I'll give descriptions of all three accounts and let the reader make up their own mind. According to the USGS, discoveries were first made here in 1867. However, no real work was done until 1911. A 75-ton mill was built by the Associated Milling Company at this time. It is unclear if they were the owner of the mine, or simply the contractor on the mill. The mine produced gold from 1912-1914. The White Caps Mining Company took control of the mine and mill in 1915. By 1916, they had discovered a large ore body. The mill would close in 1920, reopen in 1922 and close again in 1923. According to Hall, the White Caps Mining Company purchased claims from the Dexter White Caps Mining Company in 1915 and began to seriously work the mine. They built a 10-stamp mill and 75-ton cyanide plant that were both completed in 1917. Hall stated that the mill closed in 1920 and doesn't reference it re-opening in 1922. Paher stated, "In 1909 Manhattan once again rebounded when placer operations began below town, and three years later a rich lode strike at the White Caps mine encouraged the building of a 75-ton mill." 1909 plus 3 years would equal 1912... You decide... From here, this mine would operate off and on with different owners all the way into modern times. I've found an entry as recent as 2004 where Calais Resources, Inc. was planning a new drilling operation here after acquiring the mineral rights from Argus. The mineral rights to this operation consisted of 2,628 acres, so I am unsure of where this drilling operation was planned. The White Caps Mine produced gold, silver, arsenic and antimony as primaries. Some mercury, copper and flourine-flourite were also discovered here. This mine is listed as a 900-foot shaft with a winze to the 1,300-foot level.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: 2017. We took quads. Honestly, I didn't assess the road for what it would have been like in a full-sized truck, let alone a lesser vehicle. I don't remember having any difficulties or hitting any really bad patches. However, I'm simply not a good source on this one.

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