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Willow Creek

Nye County

Discoveries were first made here in 1911 by Charles Sampson and David Jenkins. Their claim was named the Rustler. Other prospectors soon came to the area and begin working claims. By 1913, a small camp had formed. In 1913, the Willow Creek Mining Company purchased the original claim held by Sampson and Jenkins. The camp soon grew to approximately 80 residents. By April of 1913, Nevada mining baron George Wingfield involved himself in the district. He purchased the Willow Creek Mining Company. By the Fall of 2013, many men were employed at the mine and ore was being shipped. An extremely rich vein was also discovered during this period of time, but winter weather delayed shipping until the Spring of 2014. One single 500-pound shipment of gold ore produced $20,000. This would not continue as the trend though. According to the USGS, by 1951, the Rustler produced $50,000 or less in total value. By late 1914, the area had slowed down drastically. By 1916, only a few claims were being worked in the area. A revival occurred in 1917. By late 1917, a small amalgamation and concentration mill had been moved in. By 1922, the area was again quiet. Another attempted revival occurred in 1927, but it appears that this attempt was mostly a failure. The area was completely abandoned by 1928. One last revival occurred sometime after World War II, but only lasted until 1950.

Post Office: None

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: Fall of 2021. I do not suggest attempting this trip without a real vehicle meant for the outdoors, with good clearance and 4WD.

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