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Winnemucca Pioneer Cemetery

Humbolt County

As they always do, E Clampus Vitus placed a beautiful historical marker here with a really good description of the history. I have a placed a closeup photo of that marker below. You can read the story for yourself. I'll just give the brief version here. This cemetery was founded in the early days of Winnemucca. It was originally a 20- acre plot. The Masons, Odd Fellows and Chinese all had sections here. Over the years and even through legal battles, the city wanted these graves moved. They supposedly didn't hold up their end of the bargain and hundreds of graves were simply pushed into a ditch. Angry locals began calling this cemetery "Profane Park". Again, read the full story on that marker below. If the city really did do this, than what an absolute travesty and utter disrespect to the pioneers that were buried here. The graves that you see in the photographs are all of the burials that are left here.

This cemetery also contains the burial of a Native Winnemuccan, born there in 1875.

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