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Yankee Blade

Lander County

AKA: Yandleville

Yankee Blade was first established as a silver camp in 1863 during the early rush to the Reese River. The town was located only a few miles from the boomtown of Austin. A stage line to Austin ran twice daily. By the Spring of 1864, several dozen stone cabins populated the area. Yankee Blade was being reported as a new boomtown as well. Several mills would soon be built in the area. These included the Butte, Confidence, Empire, Keystone, Mettacom and Midas. By 1867, water in the mines caused substantial trouble for the area. Most of the mines in the district shut down. A small revival occurred in 1872 but appears to have been short lived. By 1875, there were only a few dozen residents remaining at Yankee Blade. After this point, several of the mines would be reworked all the way through the early 1900's. I have recently had some debate with a prominent Nevada historian. His opinion is that sites like the Butte Mill and Mettacom Mill were all part of Yankee Blade. I can't totally get on board with this. Those two mills are separated from Yankee Blade by 1 mile as the crow flies. By road travel, it is much farther. Yankee Blade is also separated from these mills by an entire mountain range. I am fully on board with the fact that these mills supported Yankee Blade mines and ore, but I don't not believe that they were actually part of the town of Yankee Blade. Read up on the sites listed below for more information on the area.

See pages for: Butte Mill, Chase Mine, Mettacom Mill, True Blue Mine & Watt Mine

Post Office: None.

Last Trip/ Road Conditions: June 2022. This site was finally removed from my bucket list after many years. The dirt road back to the actual townsite of Yankee Blade can be pretty rough. You will have to hike a little bit to get back to the old mill that sits behind the Yankee Blade townsite. See the other pages listed above for other sites in the Yankee Blade area.

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