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 Buck Station

 Cherry Creek

 Cherry Creek Summit

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 Cleve Creek

 Collins Place

 Egan Basin- Unknown Mill

 Egan Canyon

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Battle Born - Copy.jpg


 Fort Ruby

 Ivirs City

 Jacob's Well Station

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Battle Born - Copy.jpg
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Battle Born - Copy.jpg

 Lane City


 Nevada Northern Railroad

 Newark Valley- East

Battle Born - Copy.jpg
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 Newark Valley- West

 Pogue's Station

 Ruby Valley Pony Express

 Sawmill Canyon

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1. Cover Photo Stonehouse.JPG
1. Cover Photo Steptoe Valley.JPG


 Spring Valley

 Spring Valley Station

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1. Cover Photo Ward.JPG

 Transcontinental Telegraph Line


 Steptoe Valley


The White Pine Mining District was first organized in the Fall of 1865. It took its name from the trees that covered the mountains in the area. White Pine gained prominence in 1868 when rich ore was discovered on Treasure Hill. The Eberhardt Mine was formed and people rushed to the area. This would become one of the most prominent rushes and mining booms in Nevada history. The towns of Hamilton, Treasure City, Eberhardt, Shermantown and others in the area would boom for many years. Thousands of residents would eventually call the White Pine District home. Fraternal organizations, newspapers and businesses of every kind would establish themselves here. White Pine County was officially established by the legislature in April of 1869. It was created out of a portion of Lander County. The first county seat was located at Hamilton. In 1875, the legislature cut a portion from Nye County and added it to White Pine County. The distinction of largest town in White Pine County would change several times starting in the early to mid 1870's. Cherry Creek, Ward and Taylor all had the distinction at one time or another. Ely was named the county seat in 1887. Mining, ranching and the maximum-security prison are the primary sources of employment in the county. The population was estimated at 9.700 residents as of 2021.

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